Suitable for port service and operation on lakes and rivers (sheltered and protected waters).

  • Multi purpose vessel with Oil Spill Response and Marine Debris Collection systems available.
  • Feat. Koseq sweeping arms, Vikoma Booms, skimmer, dispersant system and fi-fi possibilities
  • Easy, fast and safe  to install/ remove oil and marine debris collection systems.
  • Multi purpose operation  increases up-time and thereby decreases total cost of ownership.
  • Deployment from large open deck space.

Product Information

The Vessel’s base is a stable Aluminium Catamaran type boat that has a large free deck area for safe operations, prepared for multi-functional operations. Despite its length of around 12 m it is still possible to transport the vessel over land by truck. The vessel has prepared connections and foundations for a powerful Hydraulic Knuckle boom-crane, Hydraulic operated boom-reel, cassette sweeping arms with high capacity skimmer, dispersant system, build-in oil storage tanks and high-efficiency Garbage collection system with interchangeable storage containers. The combination of an economic twin fixed-pitch propeller and the vessels hull-shape makes it possible to reach a speed of 12 knots for rapid intervention duty. For a high level operational availability on-site the vessel Can be supported by inflatable storage tanks that can be towed to shore for disposal whilst recovery operations continue.

Technical Data


Hull Construction:    Marine Grade Aluminum 5083 H 321.
Hull Type: Catamaran.
LOA: 12,50 m.
Breadth: 4,5 m.
Depth: 1,5 m.
Draft (Loaded):  0,80 m (max).
Draft (Empty): 0,60 m.
Engine: 2 x 200 Hp. Marine Diesel.
Hydraulic Power Pack: 1 x 42 Hp. Diesel Engine for all Hydraulic Systems.
Propulsion: 2 x Fixed Pitch Propeller.
Speed (free sailing): 12 knots.
Speed (collecting duty): 2 – 3 knots.*
Diesel Fuel Tank: 1500 ltr.
Crane: SWL 5 AT 1 m Knuckle Boom Crane.
Oil Skimming system: Vikoma Disk Skimmer Model Ranger.
Oil Skimming Capacity: Approx 60 m3/hr. Depending on Viscosity and Type of Oil
Oil Boom: Vikoma Sentinel 750 Inflatable Neoprene Oil Boom in
20 meter Sections. Deployment by one man.
Recovered Oil Tank Capacity: 3 x 5,5 m3 Internal Storage, 1 x 25 m3 floating storage.
Dispersant System: 2 x 6 meter aluminium arms.
Debris Collection System (optional): Marine Type Modular Debris Collector with 2x Rotating
Sweeping Arms.
Debris Storage Capacity (optional): 3 m3 – Fully Dismountable.
Fire Fighting Pump: Own water intake, independent from Main Engines’ Sea
Water Intake. Powered by above mentioned Power Pack. Capacity 60 m3/hr.
Transfer Pump: Hydraulic Driven Transfer Pump with a Capacity of 25
m3/hr., mounted.




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