KOSEQ Containerized Response equipment in a changing world

The world is changing in terms of oil spill preparedness and response. Industry is becoming more aware of the risk of oil pollution and has long been working towards mitigating and minimizing the threat posed. In the marine transportation sector, a downward trend can be seen in the frequency of major oil spills occurring over the past 30 years. This is due to better safety practices, operational and management control and improvements in ship construction. In other sectors of the oil industry, comprehensive global statistics on oil spills simply do not exist. It is however clear that the number of major spill events in other areas, like exploration and production, are very rare. While this is obviously encouraging, the oil spill risk is changing; with more remote marine and terrestrial oil fields being exploited in lesser developed and politically-unstable areas with no prior experience of oil spill arrangements, the risk and impact of accidental oil spills can be magnified. Hence it is important to keep cost of investments low without sacrificing the ability of fast response.

To my opinion this can be reached by investing in multifunctional vessels (floating debris/plastic removal, emergency dredging, small maintenance work in ports in combination with oil-spill
recovery) and mobility of equipment. Koseq invested in the design and construction of containerized systems (20″and 40″) that are self-supporting in drive/crane/skimmers/booms on reels in combination with our well know Compact sweeping arms to be used for
quick response at remote locations. We can assist to develop a combination of equipment for local development or supply a completely equipped vessel.

We recently sold one of our self-supporting containerized units to the US.

For offshore applications the Koseq rigid sweeping arms have proved their efficiency in numerous historical and large oil-spills over the world.


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