• Suitable for offshore oil recovery in severe weather conditions.
  • High capacity weir/brush skimmer available.
  • Easy, fast and safe deployment with dedicated cranes.
  • Proven track record of excellent performance in all weather conditions.
  • Reliable and long life span.





Product Information

The Rigid sweeping arms offer an easy, fast and safe solution for offshore oil recovery in severe weather conditions. It has proven itself in many incidents like the Erika, the Prestige and BP-Macondo spills.

Rigid sweeping arms are steel, free floating constructions that are pulled alongside a vessel. Each arm has built-in pontoons on both ends, giving it floating capabilities.

When the vessel is moving forward, the oil will accumulate in front of the arms. The oil is guided between rigid sweeping arms and the ship’s hull to the built-in oil collection chamber. In this chamber a skimmer and pump is placed that pumps the oil into the oil recovery tank on board of the ship. Standard a weir skimmer is mounted. This can within minutes be exchanged for a brush- or disk skimmer module.

Koseq delivers a complete set of equipment. Besides the rigid sweeping arms the system consists of dedicated sweeping arm handling cranes and hydraulic power packs, as well as booms and other oil recovery equipment to be used in conjunction with sweeping arms or independently. The cranes are specially designed to secure quick and save deployment of the sweeping arms. The power packs can be electrical or diesel driven, and can be executed for “normal” use, or for use in Zone II areas.


Technical Data


Standard available lengths: 10 – 12 – 15 meter.
Footprint 10m Sweeping Arm  min (LxWxH): (10,1 x 2,9 x 2,3).
Footprint 12m Sweeping Arm  min (LxWxH): (12,1 x 2,9 x 2,3).
 Footprint 15m Sweeping Arm  min (LxWxH): (15,1 x 2,9 x 2,3).
Total weight of sweeping arms: 4000 – 4300 – 4800 kg (resp 10 – 12 – 15 m arms).
Total weight of cranes: approx 6600 kg.
Sweeping speed: Max 2 knots.
Towing speed: Max 4 knots.
Max wind speed: 7 Beaufort.
Max sea state: 5.
Preservation: Four layer offshore coating.
Skimmer type: Weir, brush or disc skimmer.
Skimmer pump: Submersible screw centrifugal impeller pump.
Pump capacity: 360 m3/hr at 35 MWC.



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