Maintenance Program Update – Malta

Koseq oil spill equipment.

Koseq has already completed two 10-year overhaul projects for EMSA, where all equipment has been taken off, reconditioned and re-installed. These ships are ready for another 10 years of service to the European Community.


Koseq performed a maintenance of sweeping arms from an oil tanker in Malta. The full maintenance overhauled all moving parts, hoses, cylinders etc of the sweeping arms.

Cranes and powerpacks were replaced, and the sweeping arms were painted. As part of our maintenance, we ensure that Koseq sweeping arms are upgraded to the latest version

During week 43, the equipment was installed on board in Malta and tested successfully.

The revision is part of a longer 5-year contract with EMSA for all of the Koseq equipment on their ships. This is a major maintenance and upgrading of all Koseq systems to new-status wherever needed.

At this moment we are continuing adjacently with a second project in Italy.

We offer maintenance for all Koseq sweeping arms with the latest innovations designed by our engineers to keep improving to have the latest technology and quality in every one of our sweeping arms worldwide.




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