Brezzamare Maintenance

Koseq has already completed two 10-year overhaul projects for EMSA, where all equipment has been taken off, reconditioned and re-installed. These ships are ready for another 10 years of service to the European Community.

The last maintenance operation was with the Brezzamare, a vessel operated by EMSA. The vessel is based in Genoa, Italy, and the overhauling took place at TB Shipyards Kampen. The operation involved overhaul of Koseq sweeping arms, pumps and powerpacks. In November the equipment was transported back to Genoa and commissioned.

We are aware that the world of shipping is changing, some existing routes are being used more intensively and some new routes in vulnerable areas are being used for the first time.

Although shipping has become safer over the last years, risks are growing with the increased volumes that are being shipped around the world. We see areas which do nothing at all (despite a high average of spills per month). Also, areas that only invest in nearshore equipment, but forget the offshore disasters of the not too far distant past.

We are working jointly with our customers to design and build combined equipment to reduce cost and protect the environment. Even combinations of oil-spill recovery and renewable energy/recycling are being investigated.



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